Fees, Insurance, and Forms

20-minute Free Phone Consultation

Individual/Family Therapy

Session fees 50 min assessed a fee $100.00- $125.00

Individual/Family Therapy Form

Couple’s Therapy

50-90 min assessed a fee of $150.00, $190.00, or ($600.00 package option for initial assessment sessions only)

Couple’s Therapy Form

Family-Based Treatment (FBT)

Initial Evaluation and Setting Up Treatment – $225.00 per 90-120 minute session.

Family Meal-165.00 per 60-90 minute session

***One Family Meal at the beginning of treatment (Second Session). Subsequent family meals as needed throughout treatment.

Family Sessions (weekly) 165.00 per 50-55 minute session

***All FBT session fees include therapy sessions, fees for weekly collaboration with the treatment team,
parent consultation/support during the week, and documentation.

***Additional adolescent sessions (100.00) as requested by parents or recommended by the therapist.

Family-Based Treatment (FBT) Form

Family-Based Treatment (FBT) Phone Consultation Only

30 minutes and 1 follow-up email assessed a fee of $75.00
60 minutes and 2 follow-up emails assessed a fee of $150.00. ***(No Therapist/Client Relationship)

FBT Phone Consultation Form

Clinical Diagnosis for Insurance Purposes

Many clients decide to seek reimbursement for services through their insurance company. While I do not accept any forms of insurance directly, I am willing to provide you a “superbill” with information that will help you seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Please be advised that most insurance companies require a diagnosis in order for reimbursement to occur. Any diagnosis submitted to an insurance company will become a part of you/your child’s permanent medical record.

I also provide a limited number of reduced-fee spaces in my caseload. If you feel that you qualify for one of these slots, please inform me at the beginning of our first session. Because these slots are limited there may be a waiting list. If there are no slots immediately available I am able to provide you with other low-cost or sliding-scale referrals.


I accept cash, check, and all major credit cards as forms of payment.


You are expected to attend all scheduled sessions with your therapist. I understand that “life happens” and that unexpected interruption occurs particularly with children and adolescents, but I do expect you to make therapy a priority. If you need to cancel your appointment please call NO LATER THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. You will be charged full session fees for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice. If you are more than 15 minutes late to a session, you will need to reschedule. All clients are required to provide a credit card number to keep on file in the case of missed or canceled appointments.

Any Other Questions

Please contact me for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

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