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FBT Parent Phone Consultation and Support

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and the services that I provide. This page is dedicated specifically to parents and caregivers who may benefit from Family-Based Treatment phone consultation and support.

For the many parents that I work with, the eating disorder has recently turned the family’s life upside down and they are in the throes of navigating this devastating illness while also trying to balance family stress, work stress, parenting other children, as well as personal needs. Many parents seek extra support while his/her child is receiving inpatient/outpatient treatment, or implementing FBT at home without a treatment team. 

For other parents that I consult, they have been able to persevere through some of those initial struggles and day- to-day changes of the eating disorder- guided by the principles and components of FBT. 

No matter where your child is in the recovery process, or the toll that the eating disorder has taken on your family, it can be difficult to balance caring for your child and attending to your own needs as a parent. Receiving compassionate and knowledgeable phone support can be beneficial to your child’s long term recovery and your overall well-being.

Depending on your individual needs, parent coaching for FBT often includes:

  • Providing psychoeducation on eating disorders 
  • Navigating the 3 phases of FBT
  • Working on ways to better communicate with your child, family, or friends
  • Providing treatment recommendations and referrals if needed.
  • Providing compassionate support for the varying emotions parents may experience while helping your adolescent to recover from the eating disorder
  • Empower parents/caregivers to intuitively intervene in the recovery process by implementing FBT directives while providing effective skills for parents as you facilitate weight restoration, meal supervision, and the supervision of other eating disorder behaviors. 
  • Providing skills for setting limits with the illness while staying connected and supportive to your adolescent
  • Development of self care practices for parents overall well-being 
  • Setting up a co-parenting plan that supports treatment and your family’s unique needs

*Although I specialize in FBT, compassionate support and consultation services are available to you no matter what treatment model/treatment team you are implementing with your adolescent.

Please contact me for more information or to schedule a consultation (Informed consent).