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Lauteasha Williams, LMFT

I am a Marriage and Family therapist. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University and a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Capella University. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, families, and adolescents from diverse populations.

My professional experience includes working with clients seeking treatment for a variety of issues including marriage issues, family conflict, parenting issues, multi-generational issues, depression, existential concerns, anxiety, body image, self-esteem, and eating disorders at any stage of life. In addition to this, I have experience in effectively utilizing Family-Based Treatment (FBT), for the treatment of children and adolescents with eating disorders.

I view each of my clients through a humanistic lens, choosing to believe that each person is unique, valuable, and has the ability to reach his/ her /their fullest potential as well as the ability to create healthy relationships. Although I tailor treatment to the client’s needs, I am trained to treat families and relationships with a family systems perspective, relying on the understanding that we are each a part of a greater whole- shaped by family, community, society, culture, etc. I identify patterns of communication and behavior rather than solely the presenting issue, problem, or person. Narrative therapy, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, structural techniques, and acceptance and commitment therapy may also be utilized in treatment.

Collaborating to co-create new meaning for each person’s lived experiences is an essential part of growth. My goal will always be to help my clients manifest this growth by empowering them to cultivate the vision that they have for themselves and for their families.

I firmly believe that one can become his/her/their most authentic self while also navigating the complexities and demands of family and society. Therefore, I strive to create a space where individuals can show up as their authentic selves and where all parts of their identity (racial, cultural, faith/spirituality, gender, and orientation) are honored and welcomed.

By utilizing your existing strengths and resilience already within you, I aim to help you find the solutions that best work for you in a safe and calm environment. A strong therapeutic relationship is built by a continuous and collaborative partnership between my clients and me throughout treatment. I affirm that you are the expert of your own life.

One of my favorite symbols, as it relates to the human experience, is the growth of the lotus flower through the mud. The mud symbolizes all the struggles, stress, uncertainty, and despair that we all face along with the emergence of beauty, calm, acceptance, and growth, which is the flower itself.

I look forward to walking alongside you, your partner, or your family and helping you to navigate life’s challenges wherever you are on your lotus journey.

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The Lotus Flower Story

A lotus flower begins growing at the bottom of a muddy, murky pool, and slowly emerges toward the surface, bursting out of the water into a beautiful blossom. During the night the lotus closes and sinks under the water, and emerges again with the sunlight of a new day.

The lotus seeds contain perfectly formed leaves as miniatures of what they will become when it blooms. Its stem is flexible but does not break. As the lotus flower emerges from the mud, and up toward the surface it is completely unstained.

To me, the lotus in the mud symbolizes the overall beauty of the human experience. Life is challenging, life is at times difficult, but may we always find beauty as we work our way through the mud.

As with the stem growing toward the surface, we also grow through our experiences, through our challenges, learning lessons along the way, removing obstacles, and overcoming our adversities. As the petals unfold, we too unfold and become like a lotus rising from the murky waters and flowering into something beautiful. Its open blossom stands for enlightenment.

The lotus seeds, containing perfectly formed leaves symbolize our potential. Its flexible stem symbolizes our resilience. As the lotus begins to emerge, this symbolizes never giving up, never quitting when things seem difficult. The blossom of the lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment, our awareness, and our beauty. During the night, the flower closes and sinks, like a cleansing, and then emerges with the light, a renewal.

I look forward to walking alongside you and helping you to navigate life’s challenges wherever you are on your lotus journey.

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